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Our sealing services range from repairing joints to wet sealing windows. We have experience replacing silicone caulking as well as urethane caulking. Our experienced caulkers are trained in order to effectively access a variety of difficult areas and tool caulk to perfection.

  • Tilt up joint caulking
  • Window wet seal
  • Site work
  • Joint work

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Site Work: Ivanhoe Avenue

Location: Keller Williams office building, La Jolla

General Contractor: White Construction

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal coordinated with painters to seal 15,000 linear feet of aluminum panels quickly and under budget in the well known Keller Williams office building in La Jolla. We contributed to the building’s full exterior make over by installing new silicone sealant at exterior aluminum panels using Sika 1A and Dow Corning 795.

Our reputation led to this project after previously working with White Construction on multiple sealing projects including replacing sidewalk joints at Islands at Carlsbad.

Window Wet Seal: Carlsbad

Location: Carlsbad Research Center, Faraday Avenue

General Contractor: Clemlowe Services

Tenant Improvement Project: Repaired damaged windows of a commercial office building in Carlsbad Research Center by removing and replacing deteriorated gaskets. Coastal wet sealed the windows using Dow Corning 795 to ensure up to a 20-year life of the window joints.

We have previously worked with Clemlowe on a variety of TI projects including tilt up joint work and sidewalk joints at local commercial office buildings, most recently an office on Hidden Valley Road.