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Protective Coating Systems

Coastal can handle all concrete restorations and repairs including concrete patching and staining. Our deck coating systems allow us to restore or create new decks in many textures and colors. We offer a variety of coatings – tile, slate, flagstone and color staining.

  • Air Barriers
  • Epoxy floors
  • Deck Coating
  • Exterior Painting
  • Pool decking
  • Traffic Coating

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Emergency Fire Station

Camp Pendleton

Coastal installed joint sealant to the CMU control joints and then applied 2,700 square feet of interior air barrier. Crew was able to work with architects and manufacturers to ensure a warrantable air barrier system for interior application.

Full Motion Flight Simulator

Camp Pendleton

Coastal installed 8,500 square feet of interior air barrier and 11,500 square feet of exterior sealant as well as elevator pits and CMU joints. Pictured is a crew member installing an interior air barrier to help achieve an airtight building for thermal efficiency.

Pedestrian Deck Coating

Rancho Bernardo

Property Manager: Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal waterproofed 31,500 square feet of pedestrian decks of an older commercial building in Rancho Bernardo by installing a Sika waterproofing system, a resilient high traffic coating system. Our crew took necessary steps to mechanically prepare the concrete deck by abrading the surface using a planetary grinder to achieve CSP Level 3 and then treating cracks in the concrete in accordance with Sika’s specifications allowing them to move while remaining watertight. The deck was primed with a moisture tolerant epoxy primer, Sika MT Primer and next a fuid-applied waterproofing membrane, Sika 710, was applied following Sika’s product application specifications. Then crew broadcast sand into this layer providing a slip-resistant surface, safe for pedestrian traffic. To finish, Coastal applied a topcoat, Sika 745, a resilient two-part traffic rated material.

In addition, repaired the building’s cracked and crumbling brick grout joints by preparing and sealing the bricks with Sika 2C NS Limestone. And sealed the degraded and leaking window systems with Sika Sil 295, a Silicone sealant.

Pedestrian Deck Coating

San Diego

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal waterproofed an 8,000 square foot elevated pedestrian deck of a large commercial building in the heart of downtown San Diego by installing Westcoat MACoat Waterproof Decking System, a high traffic coating system.

Our crew took necessary steps to mechanically prepare the deck surface by removing existing loose, compromised brick pavers exposing raw concrete substrate per manufacturer recommendation. Cracked areas in topping slab were detailed with reinforcement tape and Westcoat. Then crew leveled the aggregate substrate with a slurry coat, Westcoat TC1, and installed drain inserts. Then Coastal installed fiberlath mesh reinforced flexible cement waterproof deck system and finally applied a series of two separate waterproof acrylic applications sealed with Westcoat SC-10 topcoat paint matching color to existing decks on the property. In addition, the previously removed expansion joints were replaced with Sika 2CNS-TG (traffic grade) and tint to match paint color.

Coastal was able to provide client with a waterproof deck system that matches other decks on the property.


McCain Manufacturing Building, Vista

Property Manager: McCain Manufacturing

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal painted 26,700 square feet of commercial building façade using Sherwin Williams Loxon Acrylic Conditioner primer and two coats of Sherwin Williams Conflex Sherlastic Elastomeric Coating. Using a boom lift for application, Coastal mimicked the building’s existing paint scheme.

In addition to exterior painting, Coastal removed and replaced 1,000 linear feet of existing tilt up sealant and backer rod using Sika-2 C NS sealant. Also, filled, patched and sealed cracks in concrete tilt up panels using Sika-11 FC and elastomeric patching compound. To complete the building’s waterproofing package, wet sealed 13,132 linear feet of windows by removing and replacing deteriorated gaskets using DowSil 795 and installing Bostik PRO-MS 50 anodized aluminum over window perimeter sealant.

Air Barriers

Makers Quarter, 15th Street, San Diego

Contractor: California Sheet Metal

New Construction Project: Coastal weatherproofed 10,600 square feet of Dense Glass under custom metal panels in the high profile project, Makers Quarter. Specifically working on Block D, a 60,000 square foot collaborative office hub using Dow Corning DefendAir 200 air barrier system. After California Sheet Metal installed the metal panels, Coastal installed finish caulking on the metal panel joints using Dow Corning 795 to create a closed watertight system.

Air Barriers

North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

General Contractor: Asaro Builders

New Construction Project: Coastal weatherproofed 121,458 square feet of the exterior of a multifunctional office building with sustainability in mind using Prosoco R-Guard Wrap MVP, a hybrid material containing Silyl-Terminated-Polymer (STP). The insulating factor this product provides was especially appealing to our client since energy cost is a concern battling the desert climate.

Parking Deck Coating

American Assets Trust, Carlsbad

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal waterproofed 18,915 square foot parking structure by installing a high traffic deck coating system using Sikadur 22 Lo-Mod in conjunction with sand to ensure a strong drivable deck coating. We took the necessary steps to mechanically prepare the deck surface and fill in low spots making it level before installation reducing the possibility of coating failure. In addition, existing caulk joints were removed and replaced with Sika 2C-NS and SikaSil 728. Lastly, the topcoat, Sikalastic 715, was applied protecting against UV and other elemental damage.

Fountain Waterproofing

Carmel Mountain Ranch Golf Course, San Diego

General Contractor: ML Construction

Commercial Renovation Project: Coastal repaired a 90 square foot decorative fountain by removing the failing waterproofing system and installing CIM 1000 fluid applied membrane waterproofing system. Skimcoat of Sikaquick smooth was applied to fill-in surface voids and holes. We took the necessary steps to properly prepare the concrete surface before installation saving time and money and reducing the possibility of coating failure.

Tile Concrete Overlay

Coronado Island, San Diego

Residential Renovation Project: Coastal sealed concrete walkways and decks using Westcoat MACoat with terra cotta tile concrete overlay at a condo complex on Coronado Island.